Leased line

We offer a leased line service for businesses that have several offices spread across a local area (in China) and demand reliable, high-quality network connectivity. Leased line is the most reliable connectivity option and it is often required for businesses that need to transfer large quantities of data quickly & reliably between their sites.

Features and benefits:

We offer the point-to-point and the point-to-multipoint leased line. 

We deliver up to 100 Gbps high-speed point-to-point connectivity.

The dedicated layer 2 network offers flexible transport for all types of applications and protocols.

We back our leased lines with a 99.9% SLA.

We can supply SDH – MSTP – ELAN technology.

We provide high-quality service, including guaranteed bandwidth with low jitter.

A four-hour onsite engineering response for equipment failures and 24/7/365 technical support.